Rupshee Communication was established in May 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Mr. Prashant Doshi and Mr. Diyesh Doshi. Both the founders are experts of the field and started the venture with a similar vision in mind - of assembling a distribution extension in Gujarat for high-end memory storage products, portable hard drives, solid-state drives, flash memory products, and more.

Since its inception, Rupshee Communication has successfully brought in some of the world’s finest brands to Gujarat’s customers with its global tie-ups. As the business grew, the vision evolved to make the whole experience luxurious - from the product itself, to its service and legal assurances. Additionally, Rupshee has a well-established retailer and distribution network in Gujarat that can help any company outside of India with product distribution within the state.


Rupshee Communications was started with a foresight to bring innovative products and make them accessible to the Indian public. Founded by Mr. Prashant Doshi, a commerce graduate and Mr. Divyesh Doshi, a Master’s in Computer Application - the story of Rupshee started with them aligning their vision to venture out with keeping their core values in solid ground. These core values also form the founding pillars of Rupshee - high quality, responsibility for the environment, and a socio-corporate approach

At the beginning, the aim is to provide universal and reliable service and innovative products with a strong focus on data storage solutions. Rupshee, as a brand itself, now has since expanded to include world-class exclusive luxury brands. Our vision is to be a pioneer in Gujarat for distribution of luxury electronics and accessories.

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Rupshee creative team

Divyesh Doshi

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A business leader at a global scale, Mr. Divyesh Doshi started his journey as a techno-geek in 1996 as a software developer in Rajkot. Founding a distributor company of high-end products was a long term vision that was executed after years of perseverance.

Prashant Doshi

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A true entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Prashant Doshi's motto has been to bring the global to Gujarat and he has done so with his innovative vision to make luxurious and high-end products accessible to a wider range of customers with ethics at the centre of it all.

Our Associate Brands

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We have accompanied the world-famous brands so we can look back together and say, we just did it right as you would expect for a design studio.

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